Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Thank you for vi adjustable ringsi adjustable ringti adjustable ringng our shop! We have an undyi adjustable ringng love for books and the worlds the hold wi adjustable ringthi adjustable ringn them. Our desi adjustable ringgns are meant to capture some of the magi adjustable ringc li adjustable ringvi adjustable ringng wi adjustable ringthi adjustable ringn our favori adjustable ringte books and create pi adjustable ringeces i adjustable ringnspi adjustable ringred by the words you know and love. Please don't hesi adjustable ringtate to reach out i adjustable ringf you have any questi adjustable ringons! Our jewelry and accessori adjustable ringes are guaranteed to make you smi adjustable ringle every ti adjustable ringme you use or wear them! Thi adjustable rings handcrafted, vi adjustable ringntage style double ri adjustable ringng features the words "be" and "ki adjustable ringnd" as a dai adjustable ringly remi adjustable ringnder. PLEASE NOTE: Thi adjustable rings ri adjustable ringng i adjustable rings adjustable. The two ci adjustable ringrcles may not li adjustable ringne up as pi adjustable ringctured when adjusted to your fi adjustable ringnger. ********************-Item Detai adjustable ringls-Bezel si adjustable ringze: approx. 1/2"Lead and Ni adjustable ringckel freeThi adjustable rings i adjustable ringtem i adjustable rings NOT waterproof!-Each i adjustable ringtem i adjustable rings made to order and thus takes 1-3 busi adjustable ringness days from order to shi adjustable ringppi adjustable ringng. -Each i adjustable ringtem i adjustable rings made by hand and sli adjustable ringght i adjustable ringmperfecti adjustable ringons are i adjustable ringnevi adjustable ringtable. We do, however, mai adjustable ringntai adjustable ringn hi adjustable ringgh quali adjustable ringty control and wi adjustable ringll only send i adjustable ringtems wi adjustable ringth truly small vari adjustable ringati adjustable ringons. -Follow us on i adjustable ringnstagram for a behi adjustable ringnd the scenes look, updates on new products, or just to say hi adjustable ring @authoredadornments-Want to sell Authored Adornments i adjustable ringn your bri adjustable ringck and mortar? We\u2019d love to be carri adjustable ringed by your shop! Shoot us a message to get started, or emai adjustable ringl us at [email protected] adjustable -Looki adjustable ringng for weddi adjustable ringng party favors, or need bulk pri adjustable ringci adjustable ringng for an event? Send us a message so we can work out the detai adjustable ringls!-Rest assured, bi adjustable ringbli adjustable ringophi adjustable ringles, no books were harmed i adjustable ringn the maki adjustable ringng! Some i adjustable ringtems feature recycled book pages *only when stated* and the books are always water damaged or destroyed beyond repai adjustable ringr before bei adjustable ringng rescued and reused. -To those who read when they should be studyi adjustable ringng, read when they should be sleepi adjustable ringng, or read when they should be worki adjustable ringng, thi adjustable rings i adjustable rings for you.

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