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HALF N HALF Penny Earrings with Freshwater Pearl Beadsstretched pennies, copper pennies handpainted



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HALF N HALF Penny Earri coin earringsngs wi coin earringsth Freshwater Pearl Beads, copper penni coin earringses handpai coin earringsnted, these have been folded i coin earringsn half. Each pendant comes wi coin earringsth a length of Black waxed cotton cord. The process I use i coin earringss qui coin earringste uni coin earringsque and i coin earringsnvolves many steps. The fi coin earringsrst step i coin earringss to create a mechani coin earringscal di coin earringse (male/female) usi coin earringsng hard metals from coi coin earringsns, watch parts, wi coin earringsre...... I then emboss a softer metal (copper penni coin earringses) usi coin earringsng a rolli coin earringsng mi coin earringsll. Each ti coin earringsme a roll a new coi coin earringsn the desi coin earringsgn on the di coin earringse changes every so sli coin earringsghtly so that no two wi coin earringsll ever be exactly the same, you wi coin earringsll noti coin earringsce thi coin earringss wi coin earringsth earri coin earringsng sets :) The fi coin earringsnal stage really enhances the desi coin earringsgn, I hand pai coin earringsnt each one usi coin earringsng a range of color. I have spent years experi coin earringsmenti coin earringsng, maki coin earringsng mi coin earringsstakes and havi coin earringsng ah ha moments, I hope thi coin earringss explai coin earringsns a bi coin earringst on how my work i coin earringss created but i coin earringsf you have any other questi coin earringsons at all please don't hesi coin earringstate to ask.

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